My Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy Journey

Julie Whall BSc (Hons), NLSSM

Member of Sports Massage Association (SMA)

After being made redundant in 2012 I studied level 3 Sports Massage Therapy with Pembrokeshire College where I fell in love with the idea of being to help people by relieving their pain.  A client came to the clinic as a last resort and put his faith in me which was a bit daunting at the time!   During the years of toting musical equipment he developed lower back pain which he felt in his legs and up into the shoulders. At times he had to take to his bed to ease the pain.  Following a course of massage therapy he was off the pain killers and was able to paint the outside of his house and it was heart warming to a see a smile on his face and enthusiasm for life, he even took up playing his music again!  

Following on from the Sports Massage I graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Sports, Health and Exercise Science from Bangor University in 2016 where I worked with the Bangor ladies rugby team .  My long term plan had been to qualify as a Level 5 Sports Massage Therapist, with the North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM).  I trained at the Manchester Institute for Health and Performance and graduated in February 2018 .  Level 5 Sports Massage Therapists are trained to understand and treat diagnosed pathological tissue.  For example if you are post injury or suffering from arthritis, repetitive strain injury, golfers elbow, tennis elbow etc, you should be consulting practitioners with this qualification or higher.

Whilst studying I took on many clients and provided various post event massages with Vicki White  of Haverfordwest and Bodyworks of Swansea and various events organised by Always Aim High in North Wales.  In February 2018 I worked in the French Alps for three months as a Massage Therapist with Massage Me, a mobile massage company who provide massage therapy to keep skiers on the go during their hard earned holiday.  Delivering massage to clients in the Three Valleys, La Plagne, St Foy and La Rosiere was a dream come true, combining work with pleasure!

I have worked with many clients with wide ranging health issues which has fuelled my passion for helping people as I have seen physical and psychological changes in my clients as they have become fit for training and fit for life through the changes brought about by Massage Therapy. Massage can help everyone.

I love to see the transformation in people before and after treatment.  I passionately believe in the power of soft tissue therapy to promote healing, reduce fatigue and alleviate stress and I'm pleased to say that the results from the treatments I have provided over the years have strengthened this belief as my clients often use the word "amazing" following treatment, whether they come to me for a relaxing massage or to address a soft tissue injury.

My Promise To You

I strive to ensure that each and every client experiences the amazing feeling that my experience and expertise of massage therapy can offer.  I consider each case individually to develop a treatment plan which is specific to, and agreed by, you. The treatment plan will take into account modifications and considerations necessary to make your experience effective and enjoyable.