Sports and Remedial Massage - Not Just for Athletes but for Everyone!

Back ache, stiffness, sore shoulders, sound familiar?  Everyone needs soft tissue therapy from office workers with postural discomfort or repetitive injuries  to athletes with niggling aches and pains to those who feel the stresses of life and just need some "me" time to relax.  Regular sport and exercise is essential for a healthy mind and body, however, the repetitiveness of actions can lead to conditions such as "tennis elbow, "golfers elbow", carpal tunnel syndrome, restricted movement or pain in the shoulders and knees.  Pain killers are often prescribed but they can mask the symptoms, are not a long term solution and can lead to other issues.  (Read more....)

Soft tissue therapy can alleviate pain by targeting the muscular adhesions,  tensions and tightness.  Julie Whall - Fit For Life Massage will develop a treatment plan with you which will address your individual needs.  Soft tissue bodywork incorporates many advanced techniques which can encourage your body to begin to heal itself.  Superficial soft tissue work can reduce stress and anxiety and reduce sensitivity to pain.  Deeper soft tissue work breaks down adhesions and scarring which are the effects on soft tissue caused by direct trauma or repetitive actions.  The introduction of mobility restores range of motion and, in doing so, can restore health back to the joints and muscles.  The treatment will promote your recovery and reduce the risk of further injury leaving you feeling the Best You Can Be to do the things that you love.

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Julie Whall is a member of the Sports Massage Association (SMA) 

and the Complimentary & Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Massage therapy is a self-regulating profession.  In choosing a sports and remedial therapist who is a member of an organisation such as the SMA you can be confident of the quality of service you will receive.  Members practice continual professional development to ensure they maintain the high ethical, professional and educational standards which the SMA have established.

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As a member of the CNHC I meet the UK-wide government standards for safe and competent practice.  CNHC registration is accepted by some health cash plans and insurers for reimbursement of treatment costs.  Choose with confidence.

Complimentary & Healthcare Council


I can highly recommend Fit for Life Massage.  Julie has had a positive impact on both my physical and mental well being.  Arriving at my first consultation and reeling off my ailments Julie was not phased at all.  Julie had a professional and friendly manner and her sessions are both relaxing and informative.  Can't thank Julie enough for guiding me to become more informed about my physical health and nurturing me to be more self-aware and to be the  best I can be.

Julie Walker, Anglesey


Initially I went to see Julie for a consultation following a bicycle crash which resulted in me suffering with Upper Back Pain and poor mobility in my shoulder.  Following several sports massage sessions and a period of prescribed rehab exercises I have not experienced any pain or discomfort in my back since and I now have full mobility in my shoulder.  I would definitely recommend her services.  Cheers Julie!

Ian, Holyhead Cycling Club, Anglesey


Firstly, after the treatment, I had a wonderful night's sleep, woke up totally refreshed.  Secondly, I'm not limping anymore, my hip doesn't feel as sore and I'm walking normally, I can't believe the difference.  Washed my hair, and dressed without a thought of protecting my shoulder, how marvelous to be "normal" and my scar is less prominent.  I feel so much happier, thank you. 

Sheelagh, Old Colwyn